Sunday, April 8, 2012

Alleluia! Today is Easter!

We went to the tomb to mourn… but we found it empty. 

Today we have all been forgiven.  All those times I failed to show love and act with love have been forgotten.  God who is eternally merciful forgives us and makes all things new.  

Easter is not just about forgiveness of our sins but goes further than this!  If Jesus’ death was a result of our failure to choose love, his resurrection is a chance to choose love all over again.  We are given the amazing gift to live out God's love on this earth.

In contrast with my Good Friday post, I am strikingly aware of all the good things that people work for in this world.  Sara Miles –author of Take this Bread—writes about a food pantry she helped start that feeds God’s people, Tom’s Shoes brings footwear to those who have none, community violence centers give comfort to women and men who suffered through rape and domestic violence, movements for peace in Mexico give voice to families of victims, a mother writes a response about being Christian and still loving her gay son, churches all across the world open their doors to the stranger and welcome them with open arms.  

For the next 50 days of Easter, we will be reminded about renewal of life.  Water once again finds its way into the baptismal fonts and the deserts of our lives.  Flowers and life literally will return to our world during spring.  And we shall show love to one another.  I believe that if we work together to show love we can change this world into the creation God envisioned.  We can make the heaven on earth talked about in the gospel Matthew.  We can choose life.

Today is the day.  Show some love!  Share the bread!

Alleluia, Christ is Risen!


Ever-loving God, 

I began the day prepared to mourn, but You emptied the tomb.  

As Jesus taught, I promise to show love, kindness, and mercy to all I encounter.  I promise to aid in the renewal of all creation by showing love to my neighbor and to myself.  I will lean towards love in everything I do.  I have been forgiven, and I will forgive others.  

Keep pulling at my heart and teaching me to live in right-relationship with your creation.

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