Monday, October 3, 2011

New Information

Hello everyone!  

The last week certainly has been a busy one!  I not only have been getting to know more people involved with La Red, but we had a major meeting with everyone in the Morelos branch last Thursday.  

What is becoming clearer to me as the days go by, is that La Red por la Paz y Justicia is a movement of people, not an organization.  (Though they are moving in that direction)  It lacks official structure as well as many of the pieces that an established organization already has in place.  That said, they have still accomplished many amazing things, including meeting twice with the President and inspiring thousands of people to participate in their marches for peace.  

The meeting on Thursday was important in many ways.  Firstly, part of the meeting was dedicated to how the branch in Cuernavaca would define itself as an organization.  They are in the midst of talking about the benefits of –or lack thereof—combining with the Mexico City branch to be a unified movement, or remaining separate groups both operating independently within the national movement.

Secondly, they established organizational committees within our branch to help create structure and aid in communication of ideas.  If you don’t recognize how important this step is, let me do it for you:  This is a major leap toward becoming a sustainable organization working within Mexico for peace.

While I will likely be assisting everywhere, my supervisor recommended that I focus on the two committees of “Communication” and “International Relations”.  Since both of these were just created last week, we will be meeting within the next few days to determine a chair –which will not be me—and how the committee will operate.  My job is to simply be a part of the conversations and support them however I can.  (i.e. likely taking photos at events, translation of articles, etc)

Slowly but surely we are becoming more defined, more organized, and more recognized as an organization of everyday people working towards peace with justice and dignity.  It is an exciting thing!

Since my work with La Red revolves mostly around specific events, I have also been given the opportunity to work with another group called the Don Sergio Foundation.  It is an organization that works for human rights within Mexico and religious ideas like liberation theology.  They have worked alongside groups like Catholics for Choice and support having dialogues about the many faces of religion.

I have about 100 things to tell you all, but I will leave this post alone and keep you in suspense for the ones to come.  Next few posts will be about:  Theological conference this week, telling stories of La Red, and hopefully will get out my first official monthly newsletter!!!

Love you all!

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