Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So, its official!  I am going to Guatemala.

I leave on the morning of June 12th and am not returning until July 2nd.  Three whole weeks to study Spanish.  The classes at my school are taught with an instructor in a one-on-one format.  I think it will be pretty intense, but hopefully when I return in July I will be able to at least have a good grasp on conversation.  I also will be living with a host family for these three weeks, so it sounds like I will be well taken care of and will get a taste of Guatemalan lifestyle and cuisine.  :) 

The program is through Casa Xelaju and offers in addition to classroom teaching, the opportunity to take excursions into the city with your instructor.  I am pretty excited about this because this immersion will help tune my ear and will be very similar to what I will experience in Mexico.

I am also looking into taking a trip to Tikal which will, according to my school, explore the jungles of Guatemala and the ruins of the Mayan City of Tikal, the largest of the Mayan ruins. I will be able to climb the pyramids, admire the hieroglyphs that cover the stone monuments and watch the monkeys as they swing through the canopies.  It sounds like an amazing opportunity to see an ancient civilization's history.

How exciting!  I can't wait for the day to come.  I promise more stories and maybe even some pictures.  :)

Caio for now,


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