Monday, June 13, 2011

More Guatemala

I have made it to Guatemala!

I am very happy to be sitting in my room at my host family's house.  The trip here had a few bumps, but overall it went well.  Thankfully.

I arrived last night around 9pm and stayed at a bed and breakfast.  It was a quaint little place, but very nice.  It is where I had my first taste of Guatemalan cuisine.  A sort of chile relleno sandwich.  It was pretty delicious.

I had a four hour bus ride this morning to get from Guatemala City to Quetzaltenango. (Xela for short -pronounced Shay-la)  It was relatively...unpleasant.  Mostly because I felt like I was in a paint shaker the whole way.  I felt a little motion sick, but I tried to distract myself by reading.  At least I'm well mixed now...  This aside, the countryside is absolutely gorgeous.  The road was certainly the most curvy road I have ever ridden on, but we drove up through the mountains and it was quite scenic. 

The temperature here is actually quite cool.  According to the Weather Channel it is about 64 degrees.  But it is more humid than home.  Still, I enjoy it.

I begin classes tomorrow at 8am.  It sounds like it is about a 15 minute walk to get to the school.  My host family is going to show me the route and pick up another student on the way.  Hopefully, my ear becomes accustomed to the sound of Spanish, because I am way overstimulated right now trying to understand everything.  I guess that is why I came here though.  :)

I am going to converse a little with my host family now.  I will be with them for three weeks, so I better get to know them! 



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